Since we love independent brands, we create opportunities that are cost effective for reaching a national audience. We know that flights, hotels, and staffing is expensive, so we offer activations that keep our partners on tour when their schedule does not allow. We love to handle all the heavy lifting: How does it work?  Our partners pay an annual fee, they send product to each event, show up in person when they can, and have their teams gather assets for social media posting from the sidelines. We provide a gallery of photos after each event so you can use social media to reach your local audience without all the travel and expenses,  

"clients are welcome to explore exclusivity or presenting categories"

Mezcal Expressions
Heritage Rum Cart
Manhattan Project
Tiki Bar
Cheese Bar
Vermouth Bar "new in 2018"
Family Meal “Journey to Mexico” "new in 2018"
Sherry Bar "new in 2018"
Petite Format Bar
Large Format Bar
Luxe Butter Bar
Charity Dinner Series
Bacon Hall of Fame
Bloody Mary Bar
Starter Bar (Charcuterie, Pates)
BBQ Traditions