Our Mission is Promoting Artisan, Ancestral, and Hand-Crafted Mezcal to affluent consumers, buyers, sommeliers, best barkeeps and winemakers. We lead the path for the hand-crafted category and would love to spotlight your Mezcal.
— Brady Lowe | Founder

The strategy educating influencers through authentic experiences.    

How do we breakthrough? We invite influential trade loyal to hand-crafted products. We host genuine culinary experiences and tell a story that needs to be told.

We present the opportunity to reach a strong audience at a fraction of the cost of sponsoring various events with fragmented results. Cochon555 will host a Mezcal Trade Tasting table at every single event on your behalf. The goal is to bring together buyers across the nation in a sense of place, to build a community that reflects the "hand-crafted" awesomeness of Mezcal. 


Our sampling technique is simple: Start with a small taste, "Chupito", of Mezcal (approx 1/3 ounce) as a starting point for education. We provide a couple vehicles to inspire trade to make cocktails with new components on the menu.

We offer a "pinch of smoked sea salt" to cancel out the predictable comment of "mezcal is smokey". The component tasting cancels out their expectation and leads them to a new discovery of minerals and terroir.

We offer a "cucumber wheel" that provides a refreshing cool sensation to follow the heat and leads them into the next expression. We love the "Chupito" because our delivery breaks down barriers and creates a discovery. It has been very well received by barkeeps and sommeliers.

The foundation is authenticity and delivering a memorable experience. You only pay an annual fee and send [3] bottles per event, it’s that easy.
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