The tour works with thousands of passion-driven, good food pioneers a year. Through community events, we create momentum that generates results and relationship equity for sponsors. 

Cochon555 events serve are a powerful and efficient space in which to launch new products or introduce new (or cutting-edge) ideas. Our guests love experiences and appreciate being given insight and access that helps make them influencers. Our partners provide education and can build a competitive advantage as local businesses. Attendees are genuinely excited to talk, listen, and learn from brand principals and ambassadors – and they are very loyal once connected to a product. As a bonus, our guests ask great questions because each year the selection process of sourcing the right products (artisan wines, craft cheeses, premium spirits, brews, food and appliances) works in tandem with our goal to build a better, more educated consumer. That means there is more time to educate your target audience on how to create a luxury lifestyle by making responsible choices – and more opportunity for them to choose you.


Beverage Partners have been very successful at tapping into the national network. They plan a sales visit the same week as the event which maximizes their travel budget. Typically, a national sales manager will arrive in market on Tuesday / Wednesday and visit existing accounts. Friday and Saturday is usually reserved for a (sit-at-the-bar-have-a-glass-and-app-say-hello) tour of Cochon555 participating restaurants and or tasting at a local retailer.  On Sunday, the main event creates opportunity to meet new buyers and set up meetings / tastings for the following day. Good trade business and a couple new sales call typically follow on Monday afternoon.


The first year, Google results on heritage breed pigs consisted of fragmented information, no place to buy them, weak directories and shallow pools of information. Today, the online experience is robust. Tour has motivated organizations to build better infrastructures, support new marketing techniques, and farmers are starting to represent species through better business relationships and expanded networks. Our series of ultra-premium, hyper-local events has increased the value of heritage pigs in the media, in kitchens and undoubtedly created a town hall for a national network of farmers. Farmers can access new chefs, meet celebrated media personalities, and get local, regional, and even national media coverage at a level they couldn’t have imagined before tour.


Stan Schutte / Triple S Farms

COCHON555 has opened doors never thought possible, they have taken us to the next level. Brady and crew have created a premier food event second to none, that just happens to be a hell of a lot of FUN.

Mark Pasternak / Devils Gulch Ranch/DG-Langley Farms

COCHON555 has been wonderful to our growth. From the very first one, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many chefs that I did not already know, and to build on relationships with existing chefs and customers. The media exposure is fantastic, which a small producer like us could never afford


By keeping our finger on the culinary pulse of America, the tour has been associated with bringing culinary awareness to cities before the larger media conglomerates find the story. Pinpointing a culinary destination, showcasing the best chefs in the region and exposing local artisan producers is exactly why the national audience is watching Cochon555’s every move. The associated media value doubles when we team up with a local agency and hotel partner to market a city as the next culinary destination. CVB’s have benefitted by sponsoring tables and contests at 20 events around the country.


As Official Host & Hotel of a high-profile community event, hotel partners reach the headlines in the media. Properties enjoy approximately $25,000 of associated media value by hosting the event and gain revenue opportunities based on excess room inventory and restaurant space.  Our goal is to integrate the hotel's culinary initiative into the fabric of the event. Past partners have used their block of complimentary tickets to entertain clients, host influential media and run sweeps on their social media channels. On the day of the event, we fill the ballroom with the best in local clientele.


Host Chef Nathan Volz / Ritz-CarltoN

Hosting COCHON555 was an amazing event for our hotel. Between gathering all of the best local chefs and National All-Stars to show off their skills, the event was successful in bringing in a lot of local media and regional foodies. Overall, it was a hit…

Host Chef Jason Harrison / Four Seasons

COCHON555 continues to attract the kind of clientele that we strive for, the responsible foodie. The event gained us tremendous recognition for our property on various media and social channels as a host. The event helped solidify us as leaders in the Food and Beverage community and brought farmers to our door.

Host Chef Levon Wallace / 21C Museum Hotel

It’s no surprise to see all the luminaries and notable industry come support an event like Heritage BBQ by COCHON555. The media coverage as a host hotel was amazing, Brady’s team is a world class crew…