Dedicated to the art of education and hospitality, every single event promotes artisan cheese and we invite you to showcase your product at all events without buying a single plane ticket. Cochon555 is seeking cheese partners to jump on board for the Tour. It's important to us that we work annually with our great community of cheesemongers, notable retailers and cheesemakers. 

COCHON555 proposes to serve in the role of national champion for your brand. Since we are already out there educating, positioning and putting great cheeses in the hands of influential buyers and consumers year round, why don't you piggy back on our reputable series of events?

Cochon555 has motivated a change in consumer behavior to understand why to spend more money on artisan products such as meat, cheese and dairy. Much like heritage pork, the story of making a great cheese starts with sourcing great milk and responsible animal husbandry. Once the consumer understands the message that the producer cares about them, they share it with family and friends.

Cochon555 makes a daily promise to spotlight the family farm, craftsmanship and a responsible-luxury lifestyle. Founder Brady Lowe has always been a champion of hand-crafted and his goal remains the same - deliver memorable culinary experiences and target affluent audiences that are able to translate the experience to influential consumers and industry professionals.



  • Cochon555 works with the best Cheese Mongers across the country who manage cheese set up, service, and education at all events.
  • Cochon555 will manage the entire activation on your behalf
  • In case you can attend, you are free you up to walk the event, meet buyers, chefs, etc...
  • The program includes 100% full activation (you just ship product, attend when you can) and we handle everything else, including featuring your artisan product / brand and message. Each partnership comes with a pair of VIP tickets to send to your best local customers. Principals attending the event are treated like rock-stars and enjoy the event.



  • Exposure to 16,000 attendees
  • Full product service & support 
  • Brand inclusion in all media alerts
  • Logo & links on website pages
  • [2] VIP Passes per event ($7,200 value)
  • Cheese service will be served in the Judges' Room for our most influential guests 
  • Listed as Chef’s Pantry Sponsorship Level
  • In the Media - We send media alerts to a national base of print, radio, television, online press and blogs
  • Photos, photos and more photos - Our partners can use images for promotional purposes on social media channels



  • [10-20] Pounds per event
  • No Staffing Required
  • Product delivery for all events
  • One Affordable Fee for Annual Term
  • Term includes all Markets
  • Sampling Tables Available.