"C555Talks” is a dinner series focused on the intersection of agriculture, technology and hospitality while developing a culture of Open Access Agriculture (OAA) for community based agriculture. Each family-style feast is a roundtable of thought leaders exploring sustainable and technical solutions in support of a safer, more transparent food future while giving back to charity. A chef presents a menu, a winery pours wine, guests embark on a journey together.


A farmer, chef, educator, winemaker, friends of technology, food policy and marketing experts plus founder of Cochon555 are in attendance serving as guides to a prompt a new marketplace of openness and collaboration. The goal is to discuss ideas and tools that could help community-based agriculture (small family farmers) succeed. Everyone spends the night discussing challenges in processing, logistics, value chain, accessibility, marketing, networking, storage, and education in hopes of finding the next big idea that could change the way we eat. 


The meal begins with an introduction of Piggy Bank, a charity with an organizational challenge of developing an open-access platform serving a directory of 300+ business plans, a data center  that is free to family farmers the world over. The founder asks the farmer and chefs what keeps them up at night and to share problems, ranging from daily issues to long term hurdles. We discuss the food movement and the question of where will new farmers come from as we progress towards scarcity? A fact, today 80% of farmers are 60 years old - who is growing new farmers? Past dinners have exposed significant breaks in the value chain around the cost of food, typically because consumers don’t value the true cost of responsibly raised food. Developers have frequently commented that community based agriculture doesn’t have the financial means to support engineers and developers and sought-after coders since the incentives to hire them are so high. On the other hand, commodity agriculture can afford technology. Does this all come at cost of losing small family farmers? 


We discover problems and partake in brainstorming. Around the table, conversation centers on how to accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation in agriculture with hopes of finding a solution. The feast closes with one final question “what if you had an app for that”? Here is how the five courses play out.

Course 1: Introduction Open Access Agriculture, Piggy Bank, Chef & Sponsor
Course 2: Priming the Pump, Digging up Problems
Course 3: Landscaping the Issues + The Future of Food
Course 4: Solutions + What If You Had An App For That?
Course 5: Closing Remarks over Sweets

Here's some opportunity:

  • Affordable product spotlight at our dinners nationwide.
  • Multi-Courses Format perfect for intimate beverage experiences
  • Gifting and Sampling to chefs and participants at events
  • Exposure on social media platforms and outlets
  • We team up with local Public Relations teams from the restaurants
  • 120M+ impressions + 500 authentic connections