The program includes 100% full activation (you just ship product and attend when you can) and we handle everything else, including featuring your artisan product / brand and message. Each partnership comes with a pair of VIP tickets to send to your best local customers. Principals attending the event are treated like rock-stars and will be invited to be an honorary judge of the chef competition.

Being a partner to the Butter Bar has tons of perks, most importantly, over 2,000 chefs and 16,000 consumers will sample your products in 10 months. Additionally, there are opportunities to get your brand included in thousands of websites and newsletters across the country in a widespread marketing campaign. Your involvement can lead to ample media coverage. All you need to do is send the product and we handle all the details.

  • COCHON555 will make sure notable chefs are gifted with your product
  • In case the principal can attend an event, there are a couple additional benefits:
    • Principal is invited to judge the competition (need 45 days advance notice)
    • Principals can work the frontside of the table during the event, making them free to walk the event, develop conversations with judges, meet buyers, chefs, etc...



Cochon555 will provide your brand with massive media exposure, access to cheese retailers, culinary talent, and provide ample marketing of your brand message to our loyal buying community.

In exchange, the sponsor will provide a sponsorship fee and product support. Social media is amazing on tour and just by listening and retweeting, we enhance the opportunity for a successful partnership.

  • Exposure to 16,000 attendees
  • Full product service & support 
  • Brand inclusion in all media alerts
  • Logo & links on website pages
  • Logo & links on 78 newsletters
  • [2] VIP Passes per event ($7,200 value)
  • Provided collateral will be displayed
  • Bread & Butter Service will be served in the Judges' Room for our most influential guests 
  • Listed as Chef’s Pantry Sponsorship Level
  • Associated media value is more than $2,500 per event
  • Brand recognition will include live stage mentions, logo inclusion in digital slideshow and programs
  • In the Media - We send media alerts to a national base of print, radio, television, online press and blogs
  • Photos, photos and more photos - Our partners can use images for promotional purposes on social media channels



  • [15] pounds per event (butters)
  • No staffing required
  • Product delivery for all events
  • A Sponsorship fee for annual term
  • Term includes all markets
  • Title & Supporting Sponsors - Are you a non-butter brand looking to sponsor the Butter Bar moment at each event? Please contact us