The most talked about culinary tour: detailed, vibrant and beautiful in every way.


The COCHON US Tour executes live-events with hyper-local chefs that are focused on increasing awareness for family farms raising heritage pigs. In 2016, COCHON555 continues the conquest to promote the best bacon producers in the “Bacon Hall of Fame” as our signature exclusively passed food item, served in beautiful mason jars embossed with pigs. The Bacon Bouquets have been a huge hit in all markets. The tour is dedicated to education and delivering on amazing experiences, we invite your bacon to be represented at 18 events in 2016 without the need to buy a single plane ticket.

Each year, COCHON555 hosts amazing events featuring artisan spirits, great wines, amazing porc and the best chefs across the country. Through organic integration, COCHON555 markets our favorite brands to the industry. COCHON555 makes a daily promise to spotlight the family farm, craftsmanship and a responsible-luxury lifestyle. Founder Brady Lowe has always been a champion of hand-crafted and his goal remains the same - deliver memorable culinary experiences and target affluent audiences that are able to translate the experience to influential consumers and industry professionals.

The foundation of brand authenticity is delivering on hand-crafted and unique experiences.
— Brady Lowe | Founder


For seven years, COCHON555 has spotlighted the best chefs, bacons and barkeeps at every single event. Together we have motivated a change in consumer behavior by helping them understand why they should spend more money on artisan belly. Our guests love heritage breed pigs and we know how much work goes into sourcing the right porc. COCHON555 has been teaching consumers about responsible animal husbandry and honest food and educating on the importance of supporting craft products that cost more money. Once the consumer connects with the product, they become loyal subjects who seek to be rewarded with honest flavor: We give them Bacon Hall of Fame, a moment at the event when we announce our favorite bacon producer and pass it around the Grand Ballroom. 

It would be an honor to welcome your Bacon as a partner to the Bacon Hall of Fame on the COCHON US Tour. As a participating brand, you receive all the marketing benefits of being on Tour without all the travel and expenses. Cochon555 handles 100% of cooking and serving your best strip. Our partners only have to pay an annual fee and send 20# per event.
— Brady Lowe | Founder



  • [20] pounds bacon per event
  • $7,500 fee for annual term
  • Term includes all 2016 markets
  • [10] Cochon555’s (Jan-May)
  • [1] Heritage Fire Aspen (6/16) 
  • [1] Grand Cochon (6/18) 6pm
  • [5] Heritage BBQ’s (Sep-Oct)
  • Title & Supporting Sponsors - Are you a non-bacon brand looking to sponsor the entire Bacon Hall of Fame moment at each event? Do you want to be the exclusive Bacon of Cochon? Contact us.



We start with premium bacons and prepare one perfect slice for each and every guest. Our vision is that the “Bacon Hall of Fame" allows guests to experience your product within a high-energy experience that provides a sense of luxury and thoughtful delivery. Our goal is to deliver elevate and celebrate responsible bacon producers at every event and best of all, the COCHON555 team handles the entire activation. We have a culinary team, we champion your product, and all you need to do is send the product. We handle the rest.

From the guests, to the celebrated judges, chefs and media, your product will reach a social community.



Cochon US Tour will provide your brand with massive media exposure, access to culinary talent, and provide ample marketing of your brand message to our loyal buying community. 

In exchange, the bacon company will provide a sponsorship fee, product support and social media i.e. co-promotional support necessary to enhance a successful partnership. Together, we will work to reinforce your brand as one of the country's prominent bacon brands through an awesome Bacon Hall of Fame partnership.


Cochon555 will launch an influential #Hashtag campaign along with #BaconFame in 2016. We will create contests that get people taking pictures of bacon at home for tickets to the event by simply tagging @COCHON555. We hope to use our very active social media followers to implement socially conscious and fun promotions with a simple #CONTEST that awards the winner of the best photo a pair of tickets to any event. 



  • Exposure to 16,000 attendees
  • Full product service & support 
  • Brand inclusion in all media alerts
  • Logo & links on website pages
  • Logo & links on 78 newsletters
  • [2] VIP Passes per event ($7,200 value)
  • Provided collateral will be displayed
  • Bacon will be served in the Judges' Room for our most influential guests 
  • List as Chef’s Pantry Sponsorship Level
  • Associated media value is more than $2,500 per event
  • Total value of this opportunity is a $50,000 sponsorship package for a fraction of the cost
  • Brand recognition will include live stage mentions, logo inclusion in digital slideshow and programs
  • In the Media - We send media alerts to a national base of print, radio, television, online press and blogs
  • Photos, photos and more photos - Our partners can use images for promotional purposes on social media channels



The program includes 100% full activation (you just ship product and attend when you can) and we handle everything else, including featuring your artisan product / brand and message. Each partnership comes with a pair of VIP tickets to send to your best local customers. Principals attending the event are treated like rock-stars and will be invited to be an honorary judge of the chef competition.

Being a partner to the picture perfect Bacon Hall of Fame for the Cochon US Tour has tons of perks, most importantly, over 2,000 chefs will sample your products in 10 months. Additionally, there are opportunities to get your brand included in thousands of websites and newsletters across the country in a widespread marketing campaign. Your involvement can lead to ample media coverage. All you need to do is send the product, we handle all the details.

  • COCHON555 will manage all bacon cooking, service and education of your product at all events with [20+] students and chefs
  • COCHON555 will make sure notable chefs are gifted with your product in their gift bags before awards



The cost of food is going up, but food is not getting safer. If we are going to change the future of our food, it starts with education. We operate the most honest food tour in North America, with every dollar spent going towards a dollar made for family farms. Piggy Bank will be our beneficiary of the US Tour. The mission of Piggy Bank is to create a genetic sanctuary for heritage breed pigs, provide access to free genetics and business plans that enable emerging family farms to succeed.

You can begin to support Piggy back by visiting to learn more, donate, participate at events, sponsor tour or contribute to the foundation as a strategic partner.


We create opportunities to collaborate with partners of tour and expand within our creative commons platform of sharing ideas and customers.