You are formally invited to participate in the new Cochon555’s Five Winemaker Spotlight featuring five [5] notable Winemakers. Cochon555 promotes family farms and family winemakers. The tour is a champion for the modern-day culinary movement and continues blazing a path for children to have better, safer food choices. Your participation is packed with media exposure, benefits, lots of fun, and best of all, it supports a vibrant conversation about real food from real people. Cochon555 is the most recognized food and beverage tour in North America and over the course of 10 months we align with notable sommeliers, reputable industry professionals, tons of potential buyers and consumers. Best of all, you don't need to pay anything or travel to get the exposure - we do that for you, because we love what you do!


In each city, Cochon555 is inviting five [5] of the nation’s premier winemakers to participate. Participants will be asked to submit one [1] case of wine to each event. Each participant in return will receive [2] VIP Tickets per event (more than $5,000 value). The tickets can be used for distributor or supplier for their support, a significant other or colleague. Additionally, with your wines, you help Cochon555 raise over $5,000 per event for charity. The cost is zero to the winemaker. 

We only ask you commit to [1] year of events (a term) which equals only 16 cases of wine between January and October 1st. Participating winemakers will receive more than $50,000 worth of advertising at one of the country’s more talked about culinary events in addition to having a spotlight on every webpage (see example). A featured winemaker, you label will be in front of 6,000 chefs and 10,000 consumers in just 10 months and over 900 million eyeballs will see your logo online. 


All [5] wines offered will be poured at a “Five Winemakers” spotlight table in front of the stage, and will be part of the Silent Auction Pop-Up Butcher Shop that helps raise over $5,000 for charity each event. Your wines are pivotal to the success and the Five Winemakers lot, is always the first to go. The table will be manned by a wine professional who is happy to promote your wine club.



  • [12] 750ml per event
  • [16] Events included (Jan - October)
  • No Staffing Required
  • Product delivery for all events
  • NO $ - Waived Fee

Just send product - Cochon555 will arrange the entire activation.

  • Principals should plan to work the frontside of the table during the event. This will free you up to walk around the event, develop conversations with other judges, meet buyers and chefs.



Winemakers have been successful in overlapping marketing and sales visits during the week of the events. Typically, the week is structured by arriving early to visit existing accounts, followed by one day of touring participating restaurants of the event, and lastly, making new leads during the event to call on Monday.



  • Exposure to 16,000 Attendees
  • Wine Pouring Service & Support 
  • Logo & Links on Website pages
  • Logo & Links on 78 Newsletters
  • [2] VIP Passes per event ($6,400 value)
  • Provided Collateral will be displayed
  • Wine will be served in the Judge’s Room
  • Barrel-Aged Sponsorship Level
  • Brand recognition will include live stage mentions, logo inclusion in digital slideshow and catalogs
  • In the Media, we send media alerts to a national base of print, radio, television, online press and blogs
  • Photos, Photos and more photos, our partners can use images for promotional purposes on social media channels



The program includes 100% full activation (you just ship product, show when you can) and we handle everything else, including featuring your wine, brand and message. Each partnership comes with a pair of VIP tickets to send your best local customers, sommeliers, retailers. When the principal winemaker attends the event, you are treated like rock-stars and will be invited to be an honorary judge of the chef competition.

It’s amazing to be able to offer millions of impressions in the media, a winemaker feature on the website, and wine club promotion at events.
— Brady Lowe | Founder